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PLEASE NOTE: Although City Council approved the applicant's requests at their June 22 meeting,
we have not given up and have filed a legal challenge in Staunton Circuit Court.
Please continue to show your opposition to this project as proposed, by signing the petition and spreading the word!
We, the residents and property and business owners in the Staunton community, and others who appreciate and visit the community, respectfully ask that the application to rezone 96 acres of land in the Bells Lane Agricultural Forestal district to Light Industrial for the proposed special use permit to develop a utility-scale solar facility on the property BE DENIED.
The application is not compatible with Staunton's comprehensive plan and land use map and would have severe and lasting effects on the quality of life of our community, including the environmental viewshed, historic preservation, and the economic development and tourism goals of our community.
Further, we ask that the Planning Commission and City Council declare a temporary moratorium on any rezonings and/or permits for utility-scale solar projects in Staunton until the city has in place specific requirements for such facilities, developed in conjunction with community input, that address:
  • impact on viewshed and wildlife
  • impact on surrounding property values
  • impact on health and safety of the water supply
  • impact on stormwater runoff and flood zones
  • compliance with existing noise ordinance
  • potential fire hazards
  • plan for disposal of obsolete solar panels and decommissioning of the site

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