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In February, we received notices from the developer
regarding the proposed utility-scale solar project
to be constructed on land registered in the
Bells Lane Agricultural-Forestal District through 2030.

We attended the public presentations by the developer.
and the public hearing of the Planning Commission.

We searched for information on meetings of
the Agricultural-Forestal Advisory Committee
but no notices, agendas, or minutes were available.
We had to file Freedom of Information Act requests
to find out who attended and what was discussed
in these meetings that recommended the premature removal
of the land from the protections of the agricultural overlay zoning.

We spoke at public hearings and City Council meetings
and wrote to our elected representatives
to inform them of our concerns, which include:

The review and approval process has been
noncompliant with Virginia Code and nontransparent,
resulting in a precedent which threatens the
established protections of all agricultural districts.

The project would encroach on the viewshed of some of
the most scenic and historic land in the city
and is not in accord with the city's Comprehensive Plan.

Despite assurances by the developer and statements
by the city Planning Department to the contrary,
the final documents submitted and approved
specify utility-scale battery storage on the property,
which is a
 safety hazard to nearby homes and farms.

A majority of the members of City Council
ignored these facts and, on June 22, voted 5-2 to approve
the application for a Special Use Permit and a Siting Agreement
for a utility-scale solar facility to be built on 96 acres of land
adjacent to historic farmland and residential neighborhoods.

As neighbors whose rights, property values, and safety
are jeopardized by this proposed project,
we have filed a civil complaint in Staunton Circuit Court.

Park & Sandra Thompson
Ron & Annie Dixon
Winfred & Carolyn Blackburn

with the support of the
Staunton Viewshed Alliance
a group of concerned residents
who have come together to inform our fellow citizens
and hold our elected officials accountable.

Please Join Us
in our effort to get the truth out
and call for an honest and transparent process
to consider this proposal.